Air Handler Services in Nashua

The air handler is a critical part of your home’s HVAC system! Paul The Plumber has the knowledge and experience to repair and service your air handler.

As a homeowner in Nashua, NH,  it’s important for you to know about your home’s critical systems. While the repairs should always be left to the pros, knowing when something is wrong and what could be the cause is critical. The air handler is one of the most important components of your air conditioning system. When it’s damaged, you could find yourself with no airflow in your home. At Paul The Plumber, we are your air handler repair and installation experts. From troubleshooting your existing system to replacing old or damaged components, our staff is here to help.

Are multiple components in your air conditioner damaged? In some cases, a full AC replacement may be the better option. Get helpful advice from our staff today!

What Does Your Air Handler Do?

Your air handler is a component of your HVAC system that probably lives in a closet or garage somewhere in your house. If you’re a savvy homeowner, then you’re probably familiar with it because you change it’s filter every three months. What most people don’t know, however, is that behind the sheet metal safety panels that make up the exterior of the air handler are the motors, belts, fans, coils and boards that comprise the most important parts of your system.

These components control the whole operation of your HVAC system and help pump air throughout your home. During operation, the blower fan pulls warm air out of your living space and across the filter. Once filtered, the air runs across a coil full of cold refrigerant, cooling and dehumidifying the air. The air then runs out into your home’s duct system to cool it off.

Tips for Air Handler Upkeep

You may be asking yourself, how do I maintain my air handler? There are two answers to that question. The first answer is simple. You should replace your filters every three months. This process is pretty straightforward and most homeowners are capable, but most don’t do it frequently.

The second answer gets a little more complex but, in short, you should find a reputable professional that services air handlers. The reason is, air handlers are complex machines. When a professional comes to service your air handler they will check over the individual parts of the air handler to verify that they are in good working order. When a technician comes out to inspect your air handler they will check:

  • Cleanliness Of The Coils: Indoor and outdoor coils can become dirty over time and lead to a loss of efficiency. Cleaning the coils involves caustic chemicals that should be handled by professionals.
  • Condition Of The Blower Motor: Blower motors need regular lubrication and belt inspection. Furthermore, a technician can check the amp draw to make sure the motor is not starting to fail.
  • Electrical Connections: The electrical connections in the panels of your air handler can loosen up due to vibrations. It is important to have their tightness checked periodically to prevent failure of the control boards inside your unit.
  • Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels cause your system to have to work harder to keep you comfortable. Overworking your system can lead to premature failure.

As you can see, air handler maintenance is more in-depth than simply changing the filters. Calling the professionals at Paul The Plumber in Nashua, NH can save you money long-term by keeping your system running at peak efficiency and preventing premature failure of your system’s components.

Dealing with a damaged air conditioner? We offer expert AC repair service to get your system back up and running.

Your Air Handler Repair & Replacement Experts

At Paul The Plumber we handle all aspects of air handler repair and installation. Diligent maintenance can extend the life of your system. However, breakdowns can still occur. If a breakdown occurs, we have emergency service available to get your system back up and running.

As parts of your air handler age, it may become most cost-effective to replace the entire air handler. In that case, we can handle the installation of a brand new unit. Then, we recommend joining our Membership program so we can maintain your system with no hassle to you.

Do you need a new air handler or would you like to start investing in the health of your system with proper service? Call Paul The Plumber in Nashua, NH at 603-578-1100, we are your air handler pros.