Oil Burner Repair Service in Manchester

Oil burners can be an important part of your heating system. If you’re dealing with oil burner problems, contact your local heating expert, Paul The Plumber.

If you use an oil burner as part of your heating system, then you know how important it can be to warming your air and even providing hot water. So when there’s an issue with an oil burner, you need help right away. At Paul The Plumber, we are your oil burner repair experts. We offer honest pricing and service with a smile, taking any guesswork or stress out of a heating interruption. We’ve been serving the Manchester, NH area for over 20 years and are ready to continue the tradition.

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What Is an Oil Burner?

Though not every house has, or uses an oil burner, for the ones that do, oil burners provide the heat source for the warm air and hot water in the home. They’re made up of the following components:

  • Electric Motor: This powers the fan and the fuel pump.
  • Pump: The pump draws heating oil from your tank and delivers it to the nozzle of the burner.
  • Fan: This drives the air into the burner’s air tube to help the combustion process.
  • Ignition: Also known as a transformer, this part of the burner creates a high-voltage spark that produces heat hot enough to ignite the oil.

Basically, an oil burner works by pulling oil from your tank and spraying it into a high-pressure combustion chamber. The fan propels this mist until an electric spark ignites it. This oil continuously burns as this process repeats itself, keeping your house and your water heated.

When to Call a Professional for Oil Burner Repair or Replacement?

If your house is cooler than expected or your hot water is more lukewarm, then you may have a problem with your oil burner. There are a couple of things you can check, though, before calling a professional for service, including:

  • Check the Power: Look for the main power switch on your heating unit and make sure it’s in the “on” position.
  • Check Your Breaker: Sometimes a tripped breaker can shut off power throughout your house. Check your electrical power panel to ensure that the circuit that powers your burner is on and not off.
  • Check Fuel Levels: If you are out of fuel then your oil burner won’t work. Check your fuel level gauge to make sure your storage tank has enough oil to power your burner.

If you’ve tried all of the above but are still dealing with oil burner problems, then it’s time to contact a professional. At Paul The Plumber, we use a variety of professional tools, like a combustion analyzer, to get to the bottom of your issues and resolve them for you as fast as possible.

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We’re Your Local Experts!

Oil burners can be an important part of your heating system, but they’re also one that really should be handled only by professionals, due to the risk of fire. At Paul The Plumber we’ve been the Manchester, NH heating experts since 2002. We offer upfront pricing, full transparency, and our residential service specialists make sure to leave no mess behind.

Need assistance with your oil burner? Then contact Paul The Plumber at 603-471-0244. We’re your oil burner experts in the Manchester, NH area, and we offer service with a smile.