Dehumidifier Services in Manchester

Can’t seem to get rid of the humidity in your home? Contact Paul The Plumber to help you with your dehumidifier needs.

Humidity can have as much, or even more, impact on comfort in your home than either cooling or heating. If the air is too moist, you’re going to have a hard time cooling off or finding warmth, so it may be worth considering a whole-house dehumidifier. At Paul the Plumber we’re dehumidifier experts and have been serving the Manchester, NH area for almost 20 years. These whole-home systems work in conjunction with your central HVAC system and help limit excess humidity, improving your comfort and protecting your home in the process.

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Why Have a Whole House Dehumidifier?

Your air conditioning naturally works to remove humidity from the air. However, during heavy usage seasons, like summer, it can have a difficult time keeping up. While a dehumidifier is an added expense to your HVAC system, it can offer plenty of benefits as well, including:

  • Less clammy skin
  • Less strain on your AC
  • Lower utility bills
  • Longer AC lifespan
  • Fewer allergens
  • Less wood warping
  • Less fogging on windows
  • Less mold, mildew and bacteria growth

The biggest benefits of a dehumidifier are the prevention of mold and improved performance. Moist, humid conditions are a breeding ground for mold and milder, and if your home doesn’t have a dehumidifier in place, the growth can be substantial. If whole-house dehumidification sounds like it might be a good idea, Paul the Plumber would be happy to help.

Common Dehumidifier Problems

All appliances can break, especially if annual maintenance is ignored. But dealing with issues and problems when they first appear can go a long way to making the repair easier and often less expensive. This is why it’s important to know about these common dehumidifier problems:

  • No Power: If your system won’t turn on, it could be you have a full reservoir. If that’s the case, it just needs to be emptied. But it could also be dealing with blown electrical circuits, which would require a professional diagnosis.
  • Frost and Ice: If you find frost or ice on your lines it may be caused by frozen evaporator coils. This is often an easy fix so don’t wait to contact us today and we’ll get you back on track.
  • Leaks: If you notice a leak or a puddle around your dehumidifier, you may have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical so make sure you contact a professional as soon as possible to deal with this issue.

If you’re facing a dehumidifier repair issue, you can count on our staff to avoid issues stemming from excess humidity. At Paul The Plumber, we offer reliable Manchester, NH dehumidifier repair services. We take the time to troubleshoot your unit and restore functionality as quickly as possible.

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