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Your AC unit is a complicated appliance that runs on a lot of different parts and chemicals. One of those is refrigerant, which plays a critical role in keeping your house cool. When dealing with problems with your AC unit it’s important to have an expert you can trust. At Paul The Plumber, we’re your local Manchester, NH AC repair specialists. We can help you find and repair a refrigeration leak, all while offering full transparency, too.

Worried your AC unit may be on its last legs? Ask about our AC replacement and installation services and keep your home cool and comfortable all year long!

Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant, also known as freon, helps the coils cool the air before it’s sent into the vents of your home. When refrigerant leaks, it can cause problems for your whole cooling system. Some common signs you have a refrigerant leak can include:

  • A running AC unit but no cold air.
  • A hissing sound.
  • Ice or frost on your lines.
  • Higher than usual energy costs.
  • Temperature fluctuations.
  • A puddle of liquid beneath or even near your AC unit.

Any of the above issues is a sign that you should contact our expert AC professionals so we can diagnose your problem and repair it. Even if you have a pinhole leak that’s allowing freon to escape, your air conditioner will still continue to operate.

However, you will start to notice issues like fluctuating temperatures or an air conditioner that takes way longer than usual to cool your home. By addressing these issues early on, you can easily avoid a much larger issue like complete evaporator coil replacement or damage to other components in your systems.

Why Do Refrigerant Leaks Happen?

One of the more common causes of refrigerant leaks is formic acid, which builds up over time from the copper lines. Eventually, the built-up formic acid eats through the line, causing a leak. Another common cause of refrigerant leaks is general wear and tear on the evaporator coil. If, for example, you forget to replace your filter often, most of that grim and dust will make its way onto the coils. Eventually, this forces them to work harder, eventually leading to significant damage.

Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical, and not safe to be around. When the refrigerant gas, freon, is inhaled it can lead to poisoning, which can be fatal. This is why it’s important to contact a professional if you suspect a refrigerant leak. Experts can locate and repair the leak, and keep your home cool and safe while preventing any damage.

Dealing with dirty AC filters? We also offer AC filter replacement services to help resolve your issues once and for all.

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