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If you’re having a plumbing emergency, Paul The Plumber is your go-to for expert repair and installation solutions.

When it comes to plumbing services, including drain cleaning and water heater repair, Paul The Plumber is the best plumbing company in Litchfield. We have an expert team of plumbing contractors who are always on time, quote you a fair price before starting work, and leave your house looking exactly how they found it. As homeowners, we understand the impact a plumbing issue can have on your home. From physical damage to actual inconvenience, finding a reliable plumbing service company you can count on is key. At Paul The Plumber, you can always expect honest advice and service with a smile.

Plumbing services in Litchfield, NH

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What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Wondering whether you should call our emergency plumbing repair hotline? If you are in desperate need of a plumbing repair, we will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible whether it be day or night. Here are a few reasons to call an emergency plumber:

  • A Burst Pipe: Burst pipes can be very dangerous. Not only could they cause bodily harm with the pressure or the eruption, but a burst pipe will also cause extensive damage to the inside of the home.
  • Severely Clogged Drains: If the drain is clogged to the point that the toilet, sink, or bathtub is overflowing, it could cause an emergency situation. If the plunger doesn’t work, for clogged drains you should absolutely call an emergency plumber.
  • Water or Gas Leaks: Both water and gas leaks can be dangerous. A water leak will cause damage to your home, while a gas leak increases the chances of a house fire. If you have a leak in your home, you may need emergency repairs.

Paul The Plumber offers our customers 24-hour emergency plumbing and home repairs. You will always speak with an actual person, not a machine when you call our hotline. Best of all, we offer honest advice geared towards helping you make the most of your plumbing repair solution.

The Benefits of Drain Cleaning

There are many benefits to drain cleaning services, the main one being that it prevents clogged drains. By performing proper drain cleaning, you can have fewer clogged drain repairs in the future. Some other benefits include:

  • Better Flow of Water: With a clogged set of pipes, water will not flow as efficiently. The water pressure and flow of water can actually improve after a drain cleaning service. You may also save money on your water bills by using less water, with less waste.
  • No More Bad Odors: Have you ever noticed a musty or moldy odor coming from your drain? There can be all kinds of build-up within the drain pipes. Over time this build-up will continue to increase without drain cleaning services, and the result is a foul odor coming from the drain.
  • Limits Repair Damage: If there is any damage to the pipes, we can identify it and fix it while we are going about the drain cleaning service. This will help to prevent burst pipes and other plumbing emergencies in the future.

Drain cleaning is a common part of routine maintenance. If you’re looking for help with plumbing upkeep, be sure to ask about our membership plans!

When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

While routine hot water heater maintenance can certainly help to extend the lifespan of your water heater, eventually all home appliances do need replacement. If you constantly need water heater repairs, it may save you money to replace the old heater instead of wasting money repairing an inefficient old unit.

Here are a few signs that you need a water heater replacement:

  • Hot water is cloudy
  • Hot water has a bad odor
  • It is over 15 years old
  • You need constant repairs
  • Your utilities have increased
  • There are noises coming from the unit

Don’t take instant hot water for granted. Without it, our lives would be a lot less comfortable. The best way to take care of a tankless water heater or point of use water heater is to do routine maintenance and tune-ups.

Local Reviews
for Litchfield, NH

Steven  F.

Steven F.

Provided an estimate to replace/remove air handler and duct work

Near Wood Hawk Way, Litchfield, NH 03052
Colby  A.

Colby A.

Arrived today for a toilet constantly running. Found the seal on the Kohler flush tower had gone gad. Disassembled flush tower and removed the seal. Installed the updated Kohler seal. Reassembled the flush tower. Tested and it worked properly. Two year warranty on this repair.

Near Horseshoe Dr, Litchfield, NH 03052
Jared H.

Jared H.

Replaced capacitor and the unit came on. Fan and compressor running rough anyway. Recommend replacing unit. There is leak stop all over the outdoor unit. Cleaned outdoor unit and blew out fins. Unit sounds better, but is is 24 years old and on its last legs. Customers are aware and we will have a project manager go out and provide number for replacement. Will need to fill out insurance claim sheet for customer.

Near Wood Hawk Way, Litchfield, NH 03052
Chris  C.

Chris C.

Cleared clogged condensate line and need to replace water bug on pan.

Near Corning Rd, Litchfield, NH 03052
George  T.

George T.

Checked downstairs drains did not see any live flys in both downstairs bathrooms. All drains seem clean and flowing. Homeowner recently had toilets installed if problem persists they will contact them to check seals.

Near Arbor Cir, Litchfield, NH 03052

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