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Hot Take: 5 Things a Boiler Can Do That a Furnace Can’t

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Keeping a home comfortable and temperature-controlled year-round is important. A home should be a place residents feel welcome, and setting an inviting atmosphere requires some regulation. When winter comes with extreme weather, picking a heating system that can keep pace is essential.

When temperatures drop, homeowners deserve to know that their residence will remain warm. That’s where a boiler installation could make all the difference.

The term boiler is often used interchangeably with the term furnace. However, the two heating systems are drastically different.

Boilers and furnaces are both common in homes and businesses across the nation. That said, they function using different techniques, and each has its advantages and drawbacks.

Whether you go with a boiler installation or a furnace, it’s essential to understand the differences. The following are five things a boiler can do that a furnace can’t. All could help you make an informed and effective decision about which heating system will work better for you.

  • Heat Water (Not Air)

When homeowners opt for a boiler installation, they select a heating system that utilizes water instead of air. A boiler is a large, closed container that can efficiently heat water and run steam or vapor through a network of heating pipes in the home.

Boilers are typically part of a larger radiator system, otherwise known as a hydronic heating system. Warm water, vapor, or steam travels to radiators and vents where you need heat. Contractors can customize the system according to your heating needs.

Alternatively, those who don’t choose a boiler installation will typically opt for a furnace installation. Unlike a boiler, a furnace heats air and pushes it throughout the home’s ductwork to control heating options.

  • Reduce Allergens in the Air

A boiler installation is often an excellent choice for homeowners with allergies. Because boilers use heated water to warm up a home, the potential for allergens and other dust particles to be blown through ductwork and throughout the interior is gone.

This approach to heating can also reduce the potential for mold buildup over time. In fact, many homeowners credit a boiler installation for improved air quality in their property, which is a particularly important detail for families with small children and elders in the living space.

  • Function Without a Heat Exchanger

At their most basic, boilers need only to produce steam or vapor to heat a residence effectively. As long as hot water is moving through the pipe system, rooms in a home will experience an increase in temperature.

That makes a boiler installation very different from a furnace. Homes with a furnace heating system depend on a fully functioning heat exchange to enjoy effective heating options.

A furnace requires cool or room-temperature air to move through an exchange unit to be heated. Once that has happened, it can be moved through ductwork for distribution throughout the home.

  • Heat Your Home Without the Noise

Both boilers and furnaces come in energy-efficient designs. However, a boiler is undoubtedly less noisy to have in a home.

Unlike furnaces, boilers don’t require a motor to push hot air through a home’s ductwork. Compared to their counterparts, boilers offer a much gentler and quieter home heating experience for residents within.

  • Function Efficiently on Less Fuel

When it comes to energy efficiency, boilers typically produce a significant amount of heat while using less fuel than a standard furnace. For homeowners looking to cut monthly energy costs, this can be a huge benefit to their bank account.

It can also be a selling point for homeowners who might be considering putting their property on the market down the road. Many prospective buyers are looking for efficient and well-designed properties to save money and receive a good ROI starting on day one.

A boiler’s ability to function efficiently on less fuel also means more heating consistency. Homeowners often find that hot water heating is more dependable than what’s provided by a forced-air system.

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