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Rely on the experts at Paul The Plumber to keep your furnace running its best with tune-ups and routine maintenance.

Investing in your heater may sound like a weird thing to do. How do you invest in an appliance? Your central heating system represents a huge initial cost and then a high operating cost during the winters. Most homeowners don’t think of spending money on an appliance as an investment, however, this is a good way to think of it. During the cold months, you likely spend hundreds of dollars on utilities just for heating. Even small increases in efficiency can add up to huge savings over the course of a heating season.

At Paul The Plumber, our heating service experts are here to help. We offer a range of heating care, including maintenance and repairs, to ensure your Hooksett home is ready for the winter season.

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What Is a Furnace Tune-Up?

A furnace tune-up is a necessary part of HVAC maintenance. During a tune-up, a furnace contractor will come to your home and perform certain checks that will help you determine the longevity of your system and restore efficiency that is naturally lost over time. This includes steps like:

  • Gas leak checks
  • Safety device checks
  • Blower motor tests
  • Verification of combustion efficiency
  • Filter changes to keep your indoor air protected

If you’ve never had a professional perform a heater tune-up, you may be paying more than you need to during a heating season and running unnecessary risks. Getting a tune-up or signing up for routine inspections can be a good way to ensure your unit is operating safely, as well. At Paul The Plumber, we make routine care simple with our expert service and convenient membership plans.

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement

As your furnace ages, you will find yourself calling a furnace service company more often to perform heater repairs. As parts age and fail they will cause other parts to age faster. At some point, it will be advantageous to opt for a new furnace installation. Some warning signs include:

  • High Energy Costs: The older your system, the harder it has to work to heat your home. Over time, this translates into rising energy costs, which can easily outpace the cost of a new system.
  • Constant Repairs: Most homeowners will have to deal with at least one furnace repair. However, if repairs become a frequent issue, it may be best to upgrade the system instead.
  • Airflow Issues: Are there certain areas in your home that get little to no airflow? In some cases, this is caused by a furnace that is undersized for the home. This often happens after renovations.
  • Poor Temperature Control: Your furnace should be able to produce consistent temperatures based on your thermostat. If those temperatures fluctuate or it takes longer than usual to heat your home, there’s a problem.

Replacing your furnace doesn’t have to be a daunting task with Paul The Plumber. With upfront pricing and extended warranties on parts and labor, we can get you a new high-efficiency furnace installed in no time.

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Dangers of a Faulty Heating System

Furnace repair is vital to the health and safety of you and your family. While there are safety devices that lower the risk of furnaces being hazardous, they cannot remove all risks. Safety devices can fail and leave you exposed to gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and house fires. Furthermore, something as simple as not changing filters can cause harmful dust, allergens, and bacteria to circulate around your home.

Having the team at Paul The Plumber perform routine checks of your system can ensure that you don’t have to worry about suffering the risks of a faulty furnace. With over 20 years of local expertise, we are your reliable heating service company.

If you want to know more about furnace installation or would like to join our membership program call Paul The Plumber in Hooksett at 603-471-0244 today. We will gladly answer all your heating service questions!