Electrical Services in Hollis, NH

Electrical systems are vital components of people’s homes these days. Though most of us don’t realize it, we constantly use electricity. It gives us hot water, heat, and air conditioning. It allows us to wash clothes and dishes with minimal effort and brings endless hours of entertainment into our homes. On top of all that, it allows us to stay connected to the outside world. 

In light of all that, having a qualified and experienced electrician in Hollis, NH on your side is essential. Paul the Plumber brings you the area’s best electrical services. Our licensed electricians stand ready to serve you. Whether you need help with an electrical emergency or are simply looking for greater peace of mind, you can count on us. Contact us at  603-437-7039, and let us handle your electrical needs. 


Unequaled Electrical Services in Dunbarton

We offer an array of professional electrical services to fully meet the needs of our friends and neighbors here in Dunbarton. Our unrivaled skills and experience are among the many reasons so many local homeowners come to us for their electrical services. Take a look at some of the options available from our highly trained electricians near you.


Generator Installations and Repairs

If you’ve ever suffered through a power outage, you know how difficult living without electricity can be. Going without electricity for even a few hours is all it takes to make us realize just how much we depend on power. During an extended outage, you could lose hundreds of dollars worth of perishable foods. You may not be able to charge your phone, either. If you have an electric vehicle, a power outage can be even more problematic.

Generators are designed to belay all the trouble power outages cause. They can keep your entire house up and running when the power goes out. You won’t have to worry about staying connected with friends and family, losing your security system and lighting, or allowing the food in your refrigerator to go to waste. We offer generator installation, repairs, and maintenance to help you power through outages. 


Electrical Installations and Repairs

Our electricians near Dunbarton also provide electrical installations and repairs wiring and a variety of fixtures. We’re here to foster all your home building, updating, and renovation needs with our installation and repair services. We can also cover electrical services for your outdoor living space, workshop, and other extensions of your home. 

We handle indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, switches, smoke detectors, and many other fixtures. Feel free to book us for your upcoming electrical projects. We’ll do our part to make them complete successes and ensure they bring you enjoyment for years to come.


Electrical Panel Installation

With many types of home improvement projects, you could be placing additional strain on your home’s electrical system. That could warrant an electrical panel upgrade. Having a new electrical panel installed will ensure your electrical system is capable of handling the extra load. Of course, this job should only be completed by qualified electrical contractors like us. 

Over time, you’re bound to need electrical panel repairs. We’re equipped to take care of those as well. Our residential electrical experts can help keep your home safe and functional from the very heart of its electrical system. With our panel repair services, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary dangers or unexpected malfunctions. Our electrical maintenance services can make an even bigger difference by stopping problems before they arise.


Whole-Home Surge Protection

Your home is a major investment. So are all the appliances and devices your family depends on. One power surge could be all it takes to damage not only your belongings but your entire electrical system. Surges have also been known to destroy homes. Keep your family and investments safe with whole-home surge protection. This is yet another service we offer to help protect local homeowners like you. 


Electrical Inspections

As one of the area’s top electrical service companies, we also offer inspections. Annual electrical inspections are the key to catching small problems early before they have a chance to grow. Routine inspections performed by certified electricians in Hollis, NH foster safety and help keep repair costs at a minimum.


Let an Electrician in Hollis, NH Cater to Your Home Electrical Needs

Paul the Plumber is your all-inclusive source for residential electrical services. Our electricians in Hollis, NH are committed to your safety and satisfaction. From electrical troubleshooting to routine maintenance and beyond, we’re the only electricians you’ll need. Contact us today at 603-437-7039, and let our electrical technicians and repairmen keep your home powered up.