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When the heating system in your home stops working, you generally have two options. The first is to have the old unit repaired. The second option is to replace the unit. There may come a time when replacement is the better option both financially and logistically. Paul the Plumber is here to help our Derry customers with all of their heater replacement needs.

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Reasons for Replacement

There are many reasons that homeowners may choose to replace their old heaters, even if some of the warning signs are not present. Here are a few of the most popular reasons:


Having an old system can be a safety hazard, even if there are no current signs that it is putting your family at risk. Old systems can have carbon monoxide leaks that are not perceptible, and the buildup of dust over many years can lead to fire hazards. Many people choose to do a replacement of the system as soon as they move into the new home simply because they do not have a record of care for the previous homeowners’ system.


Even if the unit is working perfectly, it may not be the most efficient model on the market. Many homeowners choose to update to a unit that is more energy-efficient so that they can save money and have a smaller footprint. We have great energy-efficient options available for our Derry customers.


Homeowners may prefer one type of heating over another. One reason for replacement is wanting to convert your current system to something different, such as from a boiler to a furnace or from gas to electric. This could mean fairly extensive renovations in the home such as the installation or removal of ductwork and piping, but it can be worth it for many of our customers.

Choosing the Best Heater for Your Home

Deciding which heater to put in your home is not a simple task. The heater that you have can determine the money that you spend each month on heating, the repairs and maintenance that you will have to do in the future, the humidity levels in your home, and more. This can be overwhelming, but we have a few considerations that can help you to make the decision easier.


Certain types of heating systems can make more sense for different climates. For example, climates that don’t have as much varying weather can greatly benefit from a heat pump that uses the natural temperatures of the inside and outside areas to transfer the heat where it is needed or to pump it out of the home. However, a heat pump by itself may not be as effective in a cold area like Derry and may need to be paired with a furnace. Furnaces, boilers, and hybrid systems can all be great choices for climates that get frigid in the winter.

Additionally, if you find that you are spending exorbitant amounts each year heating your home because of the extreme temperatures, you may find that you would particularly benefit from a more energy-efficient solution. These can be more expensive to purchase and install but can make up for it quickly in lower utilities.

Using Existing Systems

If you are not intentionally trying to convert your system, it might make more sense to take a look at what is already installed in your home. For example, if your home already has ductwork installed, it is probably a good idea to purchase a furnace system rather than a boiler system.

Choosing Paul the Plumber for Your Replacement Needs

There are many reasons to choose Paul the Plumber as your trusted source for your heating needs. Our friendly team is made up of contractors and professionals who are all highly trained and have years of experience. Customer service is our top priority, and we make sure to deliver the highest quality services so that we can daily improve the lives of our customers.

We focus on providing honest advice to help you to make the most informed decisions regarding your home heating systems. Each replacement is done with the utmost care, with the goal of promoting the safety of our team and our customers, and we always leave a clean workspace.

Whether you have just moved into a new home, or you are simply wanting to replace your old system, we have the tools that you need to make a good decision. With our trustworthy advice and expert skills, we will have the replacement done quickly and have it working efficiently for years to come. Contact us to talk to one of our team members and start the process today.

Call Paul The Plumber for Heater Replacement

If you've had your heater repaired several times, or if it's approaching (or past) that 15-year mark, you may be in need of a replacement.

Older heating systems are more likely to develop cracks in the heat exchanger, which can lead to a leak of carbon monoxide in your home. Carbon Monoxide poses a deadly health threat to you and your family. If you notice excess moisture on your walls, windows, or other surfaces, or soot streaks around the heater, or if your flue pipes are rusted, these may also be signs of CO2 in your home. If any of these signs are present, your safest option is to replace your heating system.

Fortunately, the trusted heating contractors at Paul The Plumber are highly trained to replace a new heater in your home, to keep your family safe and healthy!

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Paul The Plumber works with the best manufacturers to ensure you receive top-quality heating systems at the best price. When you call for service, our team of experts can recommend the proper size, make, and model to meet your needs.

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