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Benefits of a Boiler Tune-Up

Benefits of a Boiler Tune Up

Boilers are remarkably energy efficient. However, when not functioning properly, a boiler can quickly lose this efficiency. The most beneficial boiler system will be well maintained and in good condition. Tune-ups performed by a qualified professional are extensive inspections that come with both minor and major adjustments when needed.

Most Common Benefits of a Boiler Tune-Up

Regular maintenance and tune-up services can increase the lifespan of your boiler system. Old and new boilers can both benefit from regular tune-up services. The benefits of servicing your boiler will be dependent on your individual system, but the most common benefits of a boiler tune-up are very valuable for any homeowner.

Be Safety

Investing in regular, yearly boiler service can help to safeguard against explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, and fires.

Along with investing in regular boiler service, it is a good idea to install a carbon monoxide alarm, which can help protect everyone in your home or building. Many of these sensors will also detect natural gas. Always contact a professional the moment you suspect a gas leak.

Enjoy Cost Savings

Regular tune-ups can help uncover minor issues that, if left unresolved, may cause more serious problems, increase repair costs in the future, and make it necessary to replace the boiler sooner than expected.

The energy efficiency of your boiler will increase when it’s functioning properly. These services can save you money on utility bills, repairs, and replacement costs. Tune-up services are often significantly less expensive than reactionary services.

Gain Increased Reliability

Your boiler should work when you need it most. It is best to address any problem with your boiler as soon as possible. Identifying problems when there is time for repair can prevent loss of function during the winter months.

Regular boiler tune-ups can prevent unexpected malfunctions and will leave you time to address necessary repairs without added stress.

Stay Up To Code

Building codes require boilers to be in safe, working order when being used. Both rented properties and commercial buildings require gas safety certificates to be provided every 12 months.

Additionally, some manufacturer guarantees require the boiler to be serviced by a licensed professional each year. You should consider regular services in order to make sure that your system continues to meet these guidelines.

When to Schedule a Boiler Tune-Up Service

It is typically recommended to schedule your boiler tune-ups during the spring or summer months between April and August. This arrangement will allow for flexible scheduling, time for repairs, and peace of mind.

Your boiler system should receive a tune-up service before it is run for the first time of the season. Luckily, receiving a boiler tune-up is as simple as scheduling an appointment at a time that works for you.

Boiler Tune-Up Checklist

Tune-up services are extensive. In order to identify problems before they arise, every component of your oil or gas boiler should be inspected and adjusted when necessary. The most important tasks performed during a boiler tune-up service include:

  • Cleaning the heating unit of dirt, dust, and debris that could affect performance
  • Checking the thermostat function and settings
  • Resetting the system's specifications according to the manufacturer's recommendations if needed
  • Checking all electrical connections, motors, and controls for safety and proper function
  • Inspecting the oil or gas connections
  • Checking vents, drafts, and flues for costly leaks
  • Performing safety inspection of the heat exchanger 
  • Testing for proper airflow
  • Checking the condensate drain when applicable

A professional should always be the one to perform tune-up services. Any adjustments to your system should be properly handled. You should keep a record of any tune-up services you receive in case something does go wrong down the line.

Oil and Gas Boiler Tune-Up Services

Annual tune-up services should not be a headache. At Paul The Plumber, we want to make the process as convenient as possible. Our friendly technicians are qualified and experienced in servicing a variety of boilers in Derry and all of Southern New Hampshire.

If your boiler is malfunctioning, Paul The Plumber will track down the source of the issue and present you with your options for repair or replacement. We’ll discuss possible solutions in detail to help you make the best decision for your home.

Oil boiler tune-ups are important due to the large amount of stored fuel that these systems often require. Gas boilers will need to have gas lines inspected, and we do that as well. Paul The Plumber offers gas and oil furnace tune-ups for all makes and models. Contact our team today to find out more about all of our tune-up services.