Derry Air Handler Services

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The air handler is a critical part of your cooling system. It's where motors, blowers, air filters, dampers, and circulation fans are housed. These all play important roles in keeping your HVAC system working efficiently.

Has your AC lost efficiency? Is the air in your home musty and lacking in cool comfortable air? There's a good chance this has to do with your air handler. As your Residential Service Specialists, Paul The Plumber can help provide the inspection, diagnosis and proper solutions to your air handler problems.

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Common Air Handler Problems

Air handlers are complex units and there are multiple issues that can go wrong. Since air handlers need clean air to operate effectively, if your HVAC system is contaminated it will lose efficiency. Algae, dirt and other contaminants can cause mold to grow inside your air handler.

Other problems include faulty sensors, fans, evaporator coils, and control boards.

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Why Is Air Handler Maintenance So Important?

AC issues should always be addressed as quickly as possible once you notice a problem. Small issues can quickly lead to more expensive repairs and even premature replacement. That's why getting regular AC maintenance is so important. At Paul the Plumber, our technicians fully inspect your air handler unit to ensure that everything is running efficiently and as it should. We'll also clean the components and ensure they are operating properly.

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